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Critic Giles Coren joins talkRADIO for weekly show

talkRADIO has hired fellow News UK employee Giles Coren to host a show every Sunday evening from 7-10pm.

He is a columnist & restaurant critic from The Times, as well as a TV presenter, podcaster and self-confessed social media catastrophe.

Dennie Morris, programme director of talkRADIO, said; “I’m delighted Giles Coren is joining talkRADIO. He is a natural broadcaster and the success of his No.1 podcast meant it was only a matter of time before we snapped him up for his own radio show. Every Sunday he will be bringing the wit of his Times column live to our listeners.”

Giles Coren, said: “There will be no Brexit, no Trump, no boring millennials whanging on about their safe space. Just me and a few friends, and the odd special guest, making Sunday nights more bearable by talking about the things that really matter.”

The podcast series ‘Giles Coren has no idea’, launched in July by The Times and Wireless Studios, will continue with a new episode every Friday. It features Giles and his wife, fellow journalist Esther Walker, as each week he finds himself with no idea what to write about in his weekly column.

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  1. Mark Budgen says

    What is it with “talk radio” stations that they insist they have to be full of privately educated people like this?

    1. Mike says

      Perhaps they think it gives them ‘cred’. TalkSport is at the other end of the spectrum mind …

      1. Andy Murrayson says

        Good that he’s not talking about Brexit or Trump as nearly every other show on TalkRadio is 24/7.

        Im glad they got rid of Paul Ross though on the graveyard shift.

    2. Mr Boltar says

      Who cares where he went to school, he’s entertaining. If you want quota based affirmative action radio the BBC is there for you.

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