Student Radio Award winners to host BBC Radio 1 shows

A number of winners from the Student Radio Awards 2019 will be hosting their own programmes on BBC Radio 1 next month.

The winners of the Best Student Radio Chart Show will be hosting the Official Top 40 between Christmas and the New Year, as announced by Scott Mills whilst giving out the award to URY.

Also, some of the winners from Station of the Year Smoke Radio will also get their own shows over Christmas.

The special shows are in addition to the 20+ people who will be chosen from a previous initiative to put more local and community radio presenters on the network.

BBC Radio 1 announced in October it wants demos from anyone with any radio experience for a chance to host one-off shows over the holidays.

Aled Haydn-Jones, Head of Programmes, BBC Radio 1 said over 1,100 people applied and details of who’s getting the shows will be announced soon.

Also at the event, Honorary Life Memberships were awarded to presenter Stephanie Hirst, producer Juliette Nicholls, Radio 1’s Aled Haydn Jones and James Kenny from Wisebuddah for their support of Student Radio.

For a list of all the winners from the Student Radio Awards, see here.

Posted on Friday, November 8th, 2019 at 10:41 am by Roy Martin

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