New sonic logo created by ReelWorld for Bloomberg Radio and TV

ReelWorld and its sister company Reel2Media have created a new sonic and musical brand identity for Bloomberg Television and Radio.

Created by ReelWorld co-founder/Reel2Media Music Director Erik Huber and his Seattle-based production team, the package consists of more than 50 unique musical themes – anchored to a memorable two-note sonic logo – that unify the Bloomberg Television, Radio and Digital platforms under a single sonic identity.

“This is a monumental achievement and a proud moment for our company,” said ReelWorld CEO/Reel2Media Chairman Mike Thomas. “To be entrusted with the task of crafting a new audio signature for a brand as significant as Bloomberg is testament to the credibility we’ve built as the radio industry’s sonic branding leader.

“Our work for Bloomberg marks the dawn of a new era of content creation for us and I’m excited to grow our media branding portfolio.”

ReelWorld & Reel2Media created a comprehensive suite of musical themes and visual brand identity workparts for Bloomberg Television’s roster of shows. An accompanying collection of radio-centric themes and workparts was produced for Bloomberg Radio, including themes for top of hour, traffic, weather and sports segments, Business Flash updates and breaking news.

Have a listen to the audio here.

Posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 at 1:21 pm by Roy Martin

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