Andover and Newbury Sound to become Breeze
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Andover and Newbury Sound to become Breeze

Celdaor Radio has announced plans to change the names of Andover Sound and Newbury Sound to The Breeze next month.

The group bought the two licences last summer, and says it has been making gradual changes to output since then ahead of the rebrand on 2nd April.

It will bring the number of licences broadcasting The Breeze to 9 and create a third ‘cluster’ in the Thames Valley to add to ‘South’ and ‘West’.

The Breeze started life on the Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester licences, before the addition of a station in Bristol when Star rebranded. The Bristol version has since added licences in Bath, Frome & West Wiltshire and Bridgwater & West Somerset following acquisitions by Celador.

Celador also owns the stations in Southampton and Bristol broadcasting as Jack FM (both launched as Original 106), as well as its latest purchase Midwest Radio, which is two Ofcom licences. Celador has no immediate plans to rebrand Midwest as The Breeze, but Radio Today understands it is highly likely to happen at some stage in the future.

Celador Radio’s Group Creative Director Richard Johnson told that the Andover and Newbury stations are already essentially The Breeze in all but name. “It’s currently running the musical database from The Breeze, same voiceover and same clocks,” he said. “Only the name will change on 2nd April. Since we bought the stations we’ve co-located them – both operate out of Andover but we still retain premises in Newbury. Slowly we’ve migrated the music over and made programming changes and the final thing is just to flip the name over.”

Networked mid-morning and evening shows currently air across all The Breeze stations and have been taken by Andover Sound and Newbury Sound in recent months, although they’ve not been identifying the station on air as The Breeze.

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  1. harry worth

    good for you celedor theres need  for somthing different than commercial pop and state pop provided  by radio one.Let community radio   provide  local news

    1. Sensibleprogrammer

      Exactly, let community radio do the ‘wordy’ stuff. although you have to hand to Celador, at least they still have lots and lots of local news on all their stations.

    2. Clive

      newbury and andover sound WERE providing something different!!!!music from the 80s ,that most radio stations choose to ignore,cause they are`nt HUGE hits!

  2. Sensibleprogrammer

    What’s the big deal? At least Celador are continuing with their local news on all their stations. Has anyone thought that some of these stations would’ve gone under if it wasn’t for Celador coming in. Lets be honest, the only people that care about Andover and newbury sound being bought by celador are the free loading blood suckers that demand airtime for free. That’s no way to run a radio business, local, regional or national. More power to Celador. If you want free airtime then start up a community station and have the locals contribute to running it. Andover and Newbury are not community stations.

    1. Clive

      hte big deal being both newbury and andover sound were providing something different!!they were`nt just playing boring music akll day and all night ,like the breeze does!

  3. Clive

    celador ruined newbury and andover sound,who provided REAL quality programmes,like ultimate 80s,which pklayed 80s tunes you dont hear enough of on other stations sadly!!!rip newbury sound!!


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