Andy Peebles' Soul Train transfers to Gold
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Andy Peebles’ Soul Train transfers to Gold

Smooth Radio’s re-vamped weekend schedule sees a new soul and motown show, but the departure of Andy Peebles’ Soul Train.

The long running show, which he started at Piccadilly Radio in the 70s and took to BBC Radio 1, has been dropped from Smooth  after almost 10 years. It will now be part of the Gold schedule each Saturday night from November.

Andy Peebles said: “I am thrilled to bits to take The Soul Train to Gold and delighted that Richard Park is giving the show such a fantastic platform. I hope that people will make a date with me on Saturday nights and join me for the greatest soul music.”

Global’s Director of Broadcasting Richard Park: “Andy Peebles is one of the UK’s true broadcasting legends. I look forward to welcoming his new home at Gold where The Soul Train will be one of the highlights of the weekend schedule.”

Also, Andi Peters and Paul Anderson are also no longer with the station. Paul presented a Saturday afternoon movie show. Instead a new Saturday evening show, Smooth Movie Songs takes its place with Paul Hollins.

Pete Waterman remains with the station and moves from Friday to Saturday night, whilst Gary King and Gold mid-morning presenter David Andrews get a regular show.

Daryl Denham continues on weekend breakfast, David Prever is on Saturday morning and Emma B remains on Sunday. Earlier this week RadioToday revealed actress Tina Hobley is joining the station for a Sunday morning show, and broke the news that sister station Smooth 70s will be closing tomorrow.

Here’s the new schedule in full:

0000 to 0600: Overnights on Smooth
0600 to 1000: Daryl Denham on Weekend Breakfast
1000 to 1400: David Prever at the Weekend
1400 to 1800: Carlos on Saturday Afternoons
1800 to 2000: Smooth Movie Songs with Paul Hollins
2000 to 0000: Saturday Night Fever with Pete Waterman


0000 to 0600: Overnights on Smooth
0600 to 0900: Daryl Denham on Weekend Breakfast
0900 to 1200: Smooth Sundays with Tina Hobley
1200 to 1500: Sunday Lunch with Gary King
1500 to 1800: Emma B on Sunday Afternoons
1800 to 2000: Motown and Soul Show with David Andrews
2000 to 0000: Smooth Soul Sunday with Paul Hollins

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    1. RStein

      Just because they don’t announce it to the day before doesn’t mean it has just been finalised. ;-)

  1. Xtra Smooth

    I can’t remember how many hours of specialist hours Smooth have to provide, however there’s 16 hours this weekend.

    1. MB

      It’s 12 hours per week minimum. The new schedule has 12 (6pm-midnight on both Saturday & Sunday).

  2. Chris

    Great!,now i cannot listen on my radio to the Soul Train anymore,as we don’t have Gold on AM or DAB in the West Midlands,when is Gold going to be on DAB here?

  3. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    This Is A Wright Mess What Global Is Doing To Smooth Radio Now No Presenters On Now After The 12 Midnight News On Saturday Morning Till 6Am And Again On Sunday Morning After The 12 Midnight News Till 6Am Sunday Morning Just Non Stop Music And Adverts And News On The Hour What A Let Down And Global Is Going To Transfer Andy Peebles Soul Train Show From Smooth Radio On To Gold Not Good It Should Stay On Smooth Radio And Global Is Not Going To Have This Double Top 20 Show What David Jensen Did On Smooth Radio On Sundays From 6Pm Till 8Pm They Going To Let David Andrews To Do A New Motown And Soul Show On Smooth Radio That Is One Big Joke Now From Global Now

    1. Stuart O.

      Why do you start each word with a capital letter, Dave Wiggy Wiggins? And why do you spell the word ‘Right’ as ‘Wright’?

    2. Brian Christopher Winter

      Davie, the use of capitla letter at the beginning of each word is really not necessary and is most irritating to those of us who have to use a screen reader to read these pages.

  4. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    I Think We All Need To Tell Global To Take A Run And A Jump Now And Tell Global Hands Off Smooth Radio Wright Now

  5. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    I Just Hope Bauer Media Do ReName Absolute 1215 Am As Magic 1215 Am And Get These Presenters Simon Bates And Andy Peebles And David Jensen On To Magic 1215 Am Now

  6. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    Global Is Ending Smooth Radio 70s So They Can Roll Out Their New Station Capital Xtra That Is Not Nice Of Global I Just Hope Global Comes Unstuck With This Move Now People Do Like Smooth Radio 70s I Just Hope The Fight Start Now And Get Rid Of Global Now For Good I Had Enough Of Global I Come From Gloucester And Yes We Got Heart In Gloucester And Gold And Yes Global Are No Good

    1. Glyn

      Completely agree with you mandy. I also loved the Motown Show.

      What they have replaced it with is a complete joke!

  7. Karen

    This weekend just gets worse. Why or why are they pulling the two best shows on the radio. Can’t believe the motown show is going aswell as Smooth 70s. I have listened to the motown show for years and as a lover of northern, this show was just amazing bringing lots of first time plays. The people who listen to these shows are passionate about their music. It’s an absolute shame that this company do not appear to appreciate the passion and enthusiasm their audiences have for the music. At the end of the day I suppose it’s their loss as I and presume many like me, wont be tuning into Smooth again unless our music is reinstated.

  8. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    Please for get this global will not reinstate shows and presenters on smooth global will get their own presenters what they got on gold and heart to move on to smooth and global will get rid of smooth and re name it as gold or heart you can all think on now but global and if richard park still work for global then i do hope he read this him self it is not nice what his global is doing to smooth now

  9. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    What a load of rubbish from richard park to welcome andy peebles to global gold station on saturdays night it will not be the same on gold like smooth that is true i just hope bauer media or utv or jazz fm or celador radio broadcasting will get this good presenter andy peebles now

  10. Dave Clarke

    A massive mistake who did it Dave Brown Gone on Saturday,so will I and many more .Why is this station going down the Pan Who’s not up to the job.Back to radio 2 for me WHAT Fool did this.

  11. Paul Lane

    Looks like I’m also off to Radio 2. Can’t believe how dull Smooth was this weekend – it’s become a shadow of its former self in less than a week. On another note, has anyone else noticed it’s disappeared from Channel 732 on Freesat? Is this down to a glitch or has it been removed?



    Its a shame “SMOOTH 70s” has come to an end on the national DAB transmitters. The owners of the transmitters Arqiva, charge far too much to use it. Long live Broadband VHF, FM………. DAB band 3 will die, with under use like DRM.
    Radio of the future will be listening, on the internet, or cell phones. So many of the radio station broadcast in mono. Its not so bad for talk radio stations, but is no good for music station. VHF 88-108 has better audio than DAB, and the DAB system we use is based on 1980/90s technology. It is broadcast in MP2 Format not MP3 as DAB+ would be.

  13. Cas67

    Saturdays nights are no longer the same with without Andy Peebles. Loved his music choices, will definitely be tuning in to his programme once it starts in November on Gold. Will give Paul Hollis a listen on Sunday to compare and see whether he can give AP a run for his money :)

  14. D Ingram

    Smooth Radio has lost such a unique show with the departure of Andy Peebles Soul Train as well as his weekday show. He brought an innovative approach introducing artists that we did not get to hear on mainstream radio and were part of the club scene years ago. I found the artists he played a great listen and I bought many CDs on his recommendations. Now I find Smooth Radio mundane.
    Pete Waterman also brought artists to the Friday night fever that were wonderful to hear alongside other classics. Smooth Radio need to check out their audience and what they like before making such changes.

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