All the new radio shows starting in January 2019

Radio was alive and well in 2018 with numerous announcements on major changes to schedules, breakfast shows and more.

Most of the news towards the end of the year revealed changes from January, so in case you’ve lost track, here’s the RadioToday guide to what’s new in 2019.

January 2nd: Tom and Daisy start the new KISS FM UK Breakfast Show, whilst Neev returns to KISS mid-mornings, replacing Pandora..

January 2nd: Official launch of Virgin Radio Chill and Virgin Radio Anthems..

January 6th: New-look Official Big Top 40 Chart starts on Heart and Capital, with Will Manning..

January 6th: Total Access Top 40 starts on Wireless stations with Olivia Jones..

January 7th: Official launch of Greatest Hits Radio on FM in Liverpool and West Midlands, AM/DAB elsewhere..

January 7th: Lauren Laverne takes over 6 Music’s Breakfast Show, followed by Mary Anne Hobbs at 10.30am with Shaun Keaveny at 1pm on 6 Music..

January 7th: New Capital daytime schedule starts, with Will Manning on mid-mornings, Aimee Vivian on afternoons and Ant Payne on (London) drive..

January 12th: Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie’s new Weekend Breakfast Show starts on 6 Music..

January 14th: (Radio 2 Day!) Zoe Ball starts her new breakfast show on BBC Radio 2, whilst Sara Cox starts on Drive and Jo Whiley hosts evenings followed by Trevor Nelson on Lates..

January 21st (Virgin Radio Day!): Chris Evans starts his new breakfast show on Virgin Radio..

Dates unconfirmed as yet:

  • Simon Mayo announcing new radio show (January)
  • Rylan Clark-Neal starts his Saturday show on BBC Radio 2 (Jan 19th) (maybe 12th?)
  • Moira Stuart is joining Classic FM (February)
  • Rickie, Melvin and Charlie starting at BBC Radio 1 on lates (April?)

Whatever 2019 brings – happy new year and thank you for reading RadioToday. We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening, via our website, apps, podcasts, newsletters and emails.

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  1. Spencer Payne says

    Steve dinasour Wright still clinging onto the cash trough I see

  2. Steve Boyer says

    Yeah. Get rid of vine and weight.. there’s better out there



    1. Joe Smith says

      Who is Chris Evan?

  4. Dave Williams says

    Simon Mayo for breakfast on 5Live. I know it won’t happen but would be a refreshing change:!

  5. James says

    Yes radio is getting very stale

  6. Lee Beaumont says

    They’ve ruined radio 2 .. Just leave Liza alone where she is on Sat Eves best show on the radio .. They’ve put Rad-Mac up against the brilliant Danny Baker ?? .. Give Blood on the Tracks a proper home, far to good to be just on Podcast.

  7. Mr Boltar says

    And no doubt Global will buy up whatever small independents are left and turn them into networked musical wallpaper so hastening the demise of commercial music radio in the UK.

  8. Alan says

    Why Radio 2 hasn’t got rid of Vanssea Feltz right now at end of 2018 she is dreadful on that station.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      She’s dreadul on the BBC London breakfast show too – far worse than the Paul Ross and Penny Smith double header whom she replaced. I stopped listening to that station about 3 days after she started , can’t stand her irritating squawking voice and faux sympathy. I’m pretty sure if she was a bloke she’d have been shown the door years ago.

      1. Joe Smith says

        Couldn’t agree more. A truly dreadful broadcaster.

        1. Alan says

          You know what i’m gonna to say, i really like Penny Smith when she was on Radio 2 at early morning programme, don’t know why should have got her that job in early weekday mornings show from 5am to 6:30 am and Nicki Chapman could fill stand in for Penny Smith and when Penny do stand in for Jeremy Vine at weekday lunchtime and she will be well better than Vanssea Feltz.

          1. Mr Boltar says

            Penny Smith is on talkRadio these days doing w/e breakfast. She’s as good as ever.

  9. Jodie appleton says

    Put gary Davies on BBC breakfast show and put Zoe ball on weekends and breakfast. And straight after sounds of the 60s Tony Blackburn should do a a hour of sounds of the 50s. And Bob Harris country show should be two hours

  10. Jodie appleton says

    Weekend breakfast should be zoe-balls-radio not week day

  11. Peter Andrews says

    Newsraid Radio Award for both Screen/ Actress/ Broadcaster Tara Newley and Dom Chambers of Somer Valley Radio at last months Raidersbroadcast Xmas and Broadcast Awards 2018/19 in London.

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