1Xtra to broadcast pop-up DAB station in Bradford

A new temporary DAB digital radio station starts in Bradford this week from the team at BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Bradford 1Xtra begins on Thursday “to showcase the best talent from across Yorkshire on a new pop-up station” and will be run in conjunction with BBC Radio Leeds.

The station will broadcast until Saturday morning with a range of programmes and presenters, including Kofi Smiles on Friday Breakfast, Ray Basra in the morning, Nicole Raymond at lunchtime, Joel Mitchel in the afternoon and Admed Zaman and Emily Pilbeam on Drive.

The special shows continue into Friday night with Faisal Motin, Kenny Allstar, Sir Spyro and DJ Limelight with Silverfinger Singh.

News bulletins in Breakfast and Drive will cover local as well as national news and will come from Bradford.

Bradford 1Xtra will broadcast from Bradford University Student Union from 7pm on Thursday 26 September through to 6am on Saturday 28 September. It will be available on DAB in Bradford and online in the rest of the UK.

Chris Burns, Head of Audio and Digital, BBC England, said: “Launching Bradford 1Xtra is the result of a number of different BBC departments coming together, from Design & Engineering and Technology to distribution and digital. This collaboration is an exciting moment for BBC Local Radio.

“I’m thrilled BBC Radio Leeds is working with 1Xtra to take content direct to Bradford’s young urban audience as well as showcasing BBC Local Radio to a new generation of listeners.”

Sanjiv Buttoo, Managing Editor of BBC Radio Leeds, says: “This is very exciting for us as we provide a really different style of programming for a younger audience in a city where local content is key. It’s never been done before and I’m so pleased to see some of Radio Leeds’ existing evening show presenters working alongside some of the UK’s top DJs who can normally be heard on BBC Radio 1Xtra. As you would expect, programmes are being broadcast live from Bradford and it promises to be a great listen!”

Mark Strippel, Head of BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Asian Network adds: “BBC Radio 1Xtra has a strong reputation for reaching young audiences in cities across Britain, so it’s fantastic that we’re collaborating with BBC Local Radio to create something special in Bradford. We are committed to being a creative catalyst and this collaboration brings BBC platforms together to showcase the best creative talent that the city has to offer. Britain’s next big music success story could emerge from Bradford.”

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  1. David says

    A station outside London even a temporary one to showcase new talent is an idea I wish more people would do.

    There’s incredible talent all over the UK and more opportunities need to exist to find them and give them experience. Well done BBC.

    1. Radio Geordie says

      BBC Local stations have been doing this for over a decade or more under the banner “BBC Introducing”.

  2. Radio Geordie says

    Where have they found the space for this service?
    Weren’t they supposed to be doing a Radio 2 Beatles pop-up this weekend?

    1. mb23 says

      The Beatles station is on the national multiplex. This station is on the Bradford local multiplex, where there is a large amount of spare capacity.

      1. Radio Geordie says

        The story gives the impression that its a national one.

  3. Mr Boltar says

    The best talent? So they’ll be having folk, classical and rock music shows will they?

    No, it’ll be just the usual talentless autotuned cut and paste minority urban sh1te with some special needs idiots talking over sampled music – sorry “rapping” – with all the originality of a boiled egg.

    1. mb23 says

      1Xtra is a “contemporary black music service for 15-24 year olds” (per the BBC service licence).

      1. Mr Boltar says

        Yes, I was aware of that. But they can’t claim the “best talent from across yorkshire” when its actually the best in one particular genre of music. And god knows what Radio Leeds bring to the table since their audience won’t be the slightest bit interested. Probably just another local station manager polishing his CV for a shot at a national post.

  4. Ray Woodward says

    ‘Radio2 Beatles’ now on trade test (ahead of its launch tomorrow).

    320Kb AAC (DASH/hls encapsulation) within the UK


    for Squeezebox LMS BBCiplayer plug in users …

  5. Sound of Home says

    At least the BBC are providing a platform for new and emerging talent, albeit in a very specific genre of music. This initiative is therefore to be welcomed IMHO. I don’t see Kiss or Capital doing anything remotely similar!

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Why bother when the “talent” are completely interchangable.

Comments are closed.