Opinion: Radio’s Doom, Gloom and Boom!

A brief but firm insight into how the radio scene should look once the balance of power is more evenly spread. I speak as a former employee of major groups and now as an independent station owner. During the last few weeks, the…

Opinion: Community Radio comes of age

When The Radio Authority licensed the first few Access Radio stations back in 2002, I wonder if they had any idea of the creativity, diversity and skills that would be unleashed.

How is Community Radio doing during COVID-19?

In reaction to an opinion piece in a recent RadioToday newsletter about community radio breaches, the Community Media Association takes the opportunity to highlight just some of the good things going on.

Radiocentre’s Siobhan Kenny wraps up radio in 2019

"Is it OK to nominate our own ads for the best of 2019? Because we are not alone in really loving the campaign The&Partnership devised for us. Unblockable, unskippable, unbeatable is the strapline, because that’s what radio is.