New DAB radios for 2004

Just three weeks into the New Year and DAB digital radio looks set to continue the Christmas boom into January and beyond.

Five new DAB products have launched so far in 2004.

The first micro hi-fi systems incorporating DAB are now available, and the lowest ever entry point radio is now on the market. Here?s a taster of what?s happening in DAB:

Hitachi AX-M68D micro hi-fi system. Includes three components – CD, FM/DAB tuner and amp, plus speakers. A blue top light and a shiny silver effect give it a cool look. Exclusively available from Dixons.

Ministry of Sound?s MC018 micro hi-fi system is part of its Space range and comes in a white cube effect. This one delivers FM and DAB, along with a CD player.

Another new product from Ministry of Sound is a unique white triangular boombox – also part of the Space range. The MOSCR023 comes with FM and DAB, as well as a CD player.

Two new products from Acoustic Solutions, the people who brought you a range of critically received budget DAB hi-fi tuners. This time they?ve moved into the portable market with the Portal 1 and Portal 2.

Both radios were designed by IDEO London with a very different retro style. The Portal 1 is DAB only, while the Portal 2 also receives FM signals. At ?69.99, the Portal 1 is the lowest ever entry price for a DAB radio.

So five new products in three weeks…..but there?s alot more to come. Check back here regularly for details of all the new DAB kit.

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