Jack 3 added to Sound Digital DAB multiplex

The new “Jack with a twist” national radio station promised by Oxis Media last year appears to be a new version of Jack 3.

The team in Oxfordshire said a new format, never heard before anywhere in the world, will launch before Easter at 32kbps using DAB+ on D2/SDL.

But today, an alternative version of the Oxford DAB station has appeared on the UK’s second national digital radio multiplex. Jack 3’s strapline is “Chilling when we want” and plays easy listening music similar to Smooth and Magic. The national output appears to be different from the Oxfordshire output at the moment.

Last year, Donnach O’Driscoll, CEO, of UNION JACK and Chairman of the JACK Group says: “A brand new national radio station for the UK set to launch in 2018, this will be our second national station broadcasting from Oxford and just like we did with Absolute Radio, we will be bringing something new, fresh, unique and sexy to the UK radio scene. We don’t ever play safe, it’s all about creating dynamic radio formats that attract new audiences. We will launch JACK (with a twist) before Easter 2018”.

We’ve asked Jack about the developments and will update this story when we hear back.

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  1. AlMorr says

    Just found Jack 3 on my DAB+ Radio here in Central Scotland, sounds good, they are playing Hopelessly Devoted to you by Olivia Newton-John at exactly 11.38 am GMT

    1. Joe Smith says

      Hasn’t BST reached Scotland yet then?

  2. MARK LEVY says

    I wish there was a JACK 1 with the original rocking mix of music on DAB

    1. Radio Geordie says

      Maybe that’s the plan as Jack 1 & Jack 2 were both pulled from all the local DAB platforms they were on (except Oxfordshire).
      Also, I’ve noticed that Jack 2 is no longer “playing what you want” but now has “hits” added to its branding.

  3. Stephen barnes says

    I can see what Jack are doing here on this don’t want to reveal what the new station is on tests. So testing by putting Jack, 3 on to see if the listening figures are good enough for a launch at a later date.

  4. DiandalScotland says

    Iv been listening since launch here in Central Scotland and I think it’s great. I hope they don’t change anything. Music is good.

    1. John Copping says

      I agree, good music, but maybe having presenters would make it sound even better.

  5. Jeremy Stokes says

    I emailed Jack FM. The Jack 3 move to National DAB is a warm up for the new station which is going to start in a couple of months

  6. Jim Forbes says

    Just found jack 3 by chance,My type of music,with almost no interruptions,no ads,Hope this will continue.

  7. Christopher Moakes says

    Jack 3 is definitely a joy to listen to, with no presenters and no ads to ruin the music and the news each hour is enough to keep both my partner and I happy. We have finally found a radio station we can both enjoy. Now if only Jack 3 was to remain but would have to drop Will Young, Adele and Macy Gray then it would be perfect.

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