All-female radio station called JACK launching today

The latest JACK-branded radio station will play 100% female artists when it launches in the UK at midday today.

JACK Radio – a brand extension from the Oxford station JACK fm and national UK station Union JACK – will take the Jack 3 slot on SDL.

In 2017, the team behind JACK in the UK, Oxis Media, said a new “Jack with a twist” national radio station would launch before Easter 2018. Instead, a version of Oxford’s JACK 3 has been broadcasting on the national Sound Digital multiplex since April.

In 2019, JACK Radio will add new programming elements, including content from women’s sports and female comedians. It will also play well-known male tracks covered by female artists.

Ian Walker, co-CEO of JACK Radio, said: “For decades, music lovers have enjoyed albums with titles such as Women of Rock, Women of Pop, Women of the 80s, Women of Soul. We believe that it’s time that these women had their own radio station – and we have conducted extensive research that supports this proposition too, with both men and women finding the concept favourable. At its core, JACK Radio is a showcase of women – firstly in music, but ultimately in comedy and sport too.”

Belinda Doyle, from the station’s programming team, added: “JACK Radio is going to offer a blend of incredible music, the likes of which have never been heard anywhere else in the world, ever before. And it just so happens that it’s going to be all women! We’re going to showcase the very best female talent that the world has to offer, and introduce new artists through our ‘Like a Version’ songs – famous tunes that will be given a brand-new female flick.”

The station has already won support from a number of high-profile women. Respected broadcaster and former tennis champion Sue Barker OBE said of the launch: “The commercial radio landscape has, until now, offered very little in the way of quality content that truly showcases the world’s most inspirational women. I, for one, shall be listening to JACK Radio with intrigue as it aims to realise this aspiration.”

The new proposition means that the JACK portfolio now boasts two unique national offerings in JACK Radio and Union JACK, both with clearly defined audiences which, when combined, offer brands and advertisers an exciting opportunity to reach a large audience of ABC1 men and women who are primarily aged 40+.

Speaking of the offering, Commercial Content Director, Katherine Knapp, said: “While JACK Radio appeals to both men and women, it will undoubtedly result in a female skew, while Union JACK delivers a mostly male audience. This, combined with the fact that both stations target a more mature audience, means that we have an unrivalled opportunity for advertisers to speak to men and women of the same age range through our new national network and we feel it’s the perfect time to add airtime to our existing branded content offering.”

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  1. VFeltzs says

    Flick or Jack? I’m in !

  2. mike says

    Surely this is sexist? Imagine the outcry if such a station featuring just the lads were launched?

    1. AlexaPlayDespacito says

      I don’t think you know what sexism is. Glad dinosaurs like you are no longer involved in radio decision making.

      1. Mike says

        Oh dear, how very angry. What a nightmare you must be.

      2. Joe Smith says

        Your last intervention showed you to be a pointless waste of space and you continue it here.

        it’s ludicrous excuses for a woman like you that has helped hold women back for years.

        Why not do them a favour and grow up?

    2. Lisa says

      It’s true, there would be a Twitter-storm if someone announced a male artists only station.

  3. Adrian says

    Imagine the furore if someone started a station with only male artists.Personally I’d rather hear a mix and as there is a Jack playing UK only artists I’d love there to be an American version.Not sure whether this new station will work or not,do either sex just want to hear female artists?.

  4. Stephen barnes says

    Radio x was set up for blokes. Depending on the olaylist might give this a spin love loads of female bands and artists. Union Jack’s more restricted with playing only British aetists.

  5. The Observer says

    It’s pathetic. We have feminists who can’t handle “Man” sized tissues now we have more sexist nonsense this time against men.

    1. Mike says

      and of course we have the BBC. Perhaps better not go there. I like the Jackie idea. Puts it all into context.

  6. deryn says

    they should call the station Jackie FM

    1. lenroy brown says

      Isn’t there already a radio station broadcasting from the South London area already called Jackie FM? I remember listening to them occasionally when I used to try to circumnavigate the M25

      1. Radio Geordie says

        You’re no doubt thinking of Radio Jackie which started out as a pirate in 1969 before getting hold of a legal FM licence, and made a success of it. The ‘men in suits’ could learn a few lessons from this station.

    2. David P says

      Or Jill FM

    3. Malcolm Ashley-Jones says

      or Jill FM?

  7. Stephen barnes says

    big plus point no george ezra ed sheeran etc on heavy rotation

  8. Lisa says

    It’s true, there would be a Twitter-storm if someone announced a male artists only station.

  9. barry latif says

    I find it very pitiful that we need to have a radio station for women. This needs to be stopped NOW. If this was a man’s station it would never be allowed so how come women get away with it. No I am not a dinosaur but it’s time the tide turned and all are equal.

  10. hugh says

    BRING BACK JACK 3 I’m off.

  11. Roger Bourne says

    So at last a Radio station that promises to be innovative. We have songs on our website that show a feminine point of view. If you check out our top singer Lisa Brokop. Her latest single ‘Here for you’ is a stunner and she will have a new Christmas song out in November. Here’s to a great future!
    Roger Bourne.
    North Devon’s Country music publisher

  12. Radio Geordie says

    They claim to be innovative, but I remember that they tried this sort of format years ago using the Oxford city FM licence (which is now Jack 2), and that station absolutely tanked.

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