Format changes approved for Nation Broadcasting’s new stations

Ofcom has agreed to reduce the amount of locally made programmes required for Nation Broadcasting’s new stations.

KCFM currently has obligations to provide at least 10 hours a day during daytime weekdays (must include breakfast) and at least 4
hours daytime Saturdays and Sundays. The Breeze stations currently have to provide seven hours on weekdays.

As a result, The Breeze (Portsmouth), The Breeze (Southampton), The Breeze (Winchester) and KCFM (Kingston-upon-Hull) have changed the number of locally‐made programming hours needed on weekday daytimes from seven to three, and from four to none on weekend days.

Nation Broadcasting acquired the four stations in February 2019 as a result of Bauer making group purchases with Celador and Lincs FM Group. A spokesperson told RadioToday that there were no immediate plans to act on the Format changes, saying the group looks at licenses and changes in regulations regularly in order to seek flexibility both now and in the future.

The changes are consistent with Ofcom’s recently amended localness guidelines.

In other recent Ofcom updates, new Digital sound programme service (DSPS) licences have been issued to News Radio UK, Noah’s Ark Glasgow, Revival FM (Glasgow) and Positive Digital Media.

Demon FM in Leicester has let its licence expire, and power increases have been granted to community radio stations Academy FM in Ramsgate, Cross Rhythms in Plymouth, Hillz FM in Coventry and Pulse Community Radio in Barrhead. Extensions have been granted to Koast Radio and Vixon 101.

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  1. Lee says

    For goodness sake OFCOM, grow some before it really is too late!

    1. mb23 says

      This is in line with the new rules that they announced last October, so they can’t really refuse this request.

    2. Pat says

      It is too late already- Nation’s presenters are already all over the country with their breakfast presenter already doing separate shows in Wales,London and Hull,then doing mid morning in Sunderland and overnights on the South Coast.Of course they are not breaking any rules but if Ofcom thinks this is local radio I beg to differ.

  2. David Purll says

    A total lack of understanding of local interest by the broadcasting companies in pursuit of profit and cost cutting. An abrogation0 of responsibilty.

  3. Adrian says

    Surely as far as KCFM is concerned the changes have largely happened already-breakfast Is presented by the Nation Wales breakfast presenter and Middays are presented by the Sunderland drive presenter.

  4. BB Galsgow says

    Oh well it loks like those stations will become the same as the dross that got a 2.7% reach in Central Scotland. Home based presenters putting links into shows that are little more than a daft automated jukebox. Nation is a waste of time and has no value as it adds nothing to any market where it operates.

  5. Darren Plumpton says

    PLEASE put the LOCAL back into LOCAL radio.

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