Celador wins Bath licence for The Breeze
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Celador wins Bath licence for The Breeze

Celador Radio’s Breeze brand has won the re-advertised local radio licence for Bath.

The group will take over the 107.9FM frequency currently used by Total Star on or before November 14th 2011.

The Breeze will provide “an easy listening music-based service with local news and information for Bath and the surrounding area”.

Three companies, excluding current licence owner One Gold Radio Ltd, entered the bidding to operate the station. One of them, 107.9 Radio Bath, was led by former GWR boss Simon Cooper. He told the Bath Chronicle tonight: “We are very disappointed. We think we had a very good local application with a wide range of support.”

A spokeswoman for Celador told RadioToday.co.uk: “We are delighted to have been awarded the re-advertised FM local commercial radio licence for Bath. There was stiff competition from two other highly successful operations with a well proven track record in radio. They submitted excellent applications and we are extremely pleased to have been awarded the licence against such strong competition. We are looking forward to delivering a great radio station which the Bath community can be proud of.”

Ofcom expects the new station to start broadcasting its service soon after the current licence expires in November. However, it could launch earlier than this if it can reach agreement with the current licensee.

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  1. Sam

    Great. Really glad they got it, just dont think the others really ‘made how felt’ clear to ofcom.

  2. Kyle

    Sam, what do you mean dont think they made how they felt clear. It is probably just because ofcom wanted to choose a company which has been doing it for a little longer so they have more confidence

  3. sam

    hey Kyle after reading your comment i would agree that is what i meant these big company’s i think make the little ones just seem as they dont have much to offer. Although the local person would probably rather a small team, i live in Southampton and we have a few small stations but it always seems the big ones with all the money always get these awards. so yeah sorry if that look like i was saying im glad they didnt win i think it is just a case of this modern world of where all these big companies seem to take over

  4. Ray

    The name of the game is stability.

    After all that gone on with107.9 in Bath OFCOM have (quite rightly) chosen the proven product, from a proven company.

    It is really that simple …

  5. Sam

    Will the output of the “new” station not just be the same as what can already be heard on the Breeze station in Bristol? (apart from the adverts of course).

  6. Richard

    Another blow to local radio again Celador turning a good small station in to a regional. Why play with things they know nothing about. Southampton Portsmouth Winchester lost GREAT stations that were popular and better than the dull presenting and music of The Breeze. Why market a station for women with a pair of legs who the Fk did their market research. Keep it up celador you are just pushing local liseners to well established regionals that still hold on to local content. Also well done for providing Voice recorded radio lets go to i pods are us if we want dull FM… Try to get Coast radio perfect before you play with another failing… well done OFCOM another bad move lets hope the goverment close you down bring back the radio authority with people who know radio not fat cat sallery city boys who dont know short wave from a demi wave.

  7. Tom

    This is devasting news for Bath. The Breeze will of course broadcast form Bristol which means no local radio station. That was the whole point of having a new, brilliant company keeping radio a big media industry in Bath.Suprising that a World Heritage City does not have a local radio station what so ever. Very disappointed.

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  9. sam

    Now see what you mean its a shame where im from there has been local stations which have theen been taken over and give it a few months they all had the same content on

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