The Dark Side of the Moon for Smooth 70s
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The Dark Side of the Moon for Smooth 70s

Smooth 70s is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album by playing it in full.

smooth70sThe UK’s only national 70s station will play all the songs back-to-back on Friday at 9pm, introduced by Kid Jensen.

Real and Smooth Deputy Group Programme Director Chris Stevens said: “This is a must listen not only for Floyd fans but for lovers of great music.

“Dark Side of the Moon is without question one of the greatest albums ever made. It’s sold over 50 million copies, and if yours has been misplaced over the years, makes sure you’re tuned to Smooth 70s on Friday night. It’s rare for a station to play an entire album in one show but we’re making a special exception for this one.”

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  1. Christopher England

    I’ve never understood why anybody who has the album, and can play it at will, or can play it at will from Spotify (etc), would want to tune into a radio station at a set specific time in order to hear it instead. Bizarre!

    1. GrumpyOldG1t

      Agreed, completely pointless. Those who don’t have the album obviously don’t want it and those that do have it will NOT be listening to Smooth 70s for their regular wall to wall Carpenters and Barry White type output. Just leave proper music alone and stop the cheap publicity stunts. Grumpy old git rant over!

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