Key 2 on AM and DAB rebrands as Key Radio


Manchester’s AM and digital station Key 2 – formerly known as Magic 1152 and Piccadilly – has had a slight name change as a result of the launch of Hits Radio.

The station, which shares all its programmes with the other Bauer ‘2’ network stations in England (except Radio City 2), has become Key Radio.

Speaking on the RadioToday Programme podcast in April, Bauer’s Group MD of the Hits Radio Network Graham Bryce told us: “In the short term it’s going to stay as it is. I think obviously we’ll drop the 2 because that doesn’t make sense when you don’t have a 1, so it’ll be called Key Radio. It’s not going to change its brand in the short term.”

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  1. Dave says

    Maybe they could replace free 80s with key radios output call it free 2.

    1. Simon Parton says

      I just hope they get rid of that damned awful name Free Radio, never mind Free 2.

  2. Radio Geordie says

    “we’ll drop the 2 because that doesn’t make sense when you don’t have a 1”.
    They never had a Key 1.
    That quote makes no sense.

    1. Simon Parton says

      I guess that’s what you expect from a radio company that owns a station called Rock FM 2 which doesn’t play rock music and isn’t on FM!

  3. Stuart says

    I never did understand when the name was changed from Piccadilly to Key, who chose the name Key, why Key – What has the word Key got to do with Manchester anyway? Was Key simply chosen as it rhymed with three in ‘103’?
    And as Key 103 has been replaced with Hits Radio Manchester, Key Radio has no connection really with Hits Radio Manchester now therefore why keep the name Key if Key was used as a rhyming connection with 103?
    Key Radio should’ve reverted back to Piccadilly Radio even though it’s not on 103.0.

    1. Simon Parton says

      I never understood the name change either Stuart. Equally baffling as the change from Red Rose to Rock FM, which never made any sense to me or many others.
      Yes it would have been nice to have changed Key 2 back to Piccadilly, but the station we knew and loved in the 1970s and 80s has well and truly gone now, it would not be the same station.

    2. Anthony Worrall says

      I remember James H. Reeve inviting listeners to suggest a new name back in the day. Never took to ‘Key’.

    3. Anthony Worrall says

      I remember James H. Reeve inviting listeners to send in their ideas fora new name…with the proviso that ‘ we’ll probably choose our own’! Never took to ‘Key’.

  4. Chris says

    Free Radio 80s is so tired now, the same old tracks played every day, gave up listening to it a long time ago.

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