Smooth Radio staff walk 50 million steps

Seven staff members at Smooth Radio’s West Midlands office have won a company-wide challenge to walk 50 million steps for charity.

The team secured a £2000 cheque which they have donated to the Children’s Cancer Centre Appeal at Birmingham Children’s Hospital after clocking up 137 miles a week each.

smoothwmAround 300 staff at the eight sites of Real and Smooth Radio Limited across the UK took part in the contest to collectively walk 50 Million steps in just four weeks. Each employee was given a pedometer to record their steps every day and the centre which averaged the most steps per person was awarded £2000 for the charity of their choice.

Caroline Parker, Sarah Hughes, Hannah Simon, Michelle Barnes, Lisa Green, Anita Hurford and Paul Robinson in the West Midlands banned the use of lifts in favour of the stairs at the station, walked instead of drove, installed a cross trainer in the office, went on a staff hiking weekend and even took up dance classes. By the end of the month each member of the team had clocked up an average of 273,230 steps.

Smooth Radio’s West Midlands Sales Manager Caroline Parker said: “The secret to our success was that everyone in the team really wanted to be fitter and healthier, so the timing of this was perfect. We all worked together and wanted to squeeze in more and more steps each day. We’d do a lap of the office if we won a new order, had space hopper races and one member of the team even marched on the spot whilst watching Eastenders if she hadn’t reached her target that day! We’re so delighted to have won and the money couldn’t be going to a better cause.”

Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2013 at 6:21 am by RadioToday UK

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