Bauer Media acquires Lincs FM Group

Bauer Media Group has bought Lincs FM Group, which comprises of nine licences across Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Rutland.

The company has also bought Celador’s radio division, which includes 25 anlogue stations and two digital services.

Paul Keenan, CEO Bauer Media UK and European Radio commented: “The UK’s love of radio shows no signs of diminishing and we are investing to extend our reach and broaden our offer. Radio enjoyed record revenues last year and continues to exceed advertiser expectations, offering proven positive brand impact within an uncertain landscape.“

The Celador and Lincs FM Group stations add 1.1 million weekly listeners to the Bauer portfolio and extends its coverage of the UK. In one announcement the group has bought 36 radio stations across the country, but will instantly sell The Breeze and Sam FM in the Solent region, and KCFM in Yorkshire to Nation Radio due to Bauer already operating in these markets with Wave 105.2 FM and Viking Radio.

Keenan adds, “Bauer’s strong position on new listening platforms – with more than 60% of our listening now digital – will help secure the future of the acquired stations in the new audio world. Through this investment Bauer Media is demonstrating its fundamental belief in the UK, one of its key markets, which it is certain will continue to offer great opportunities for growth and economic success and in the continuing relevance of radio as a medium.”

Read more on the sale, and see a full list of stations here.

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  1. Stephen Hall says

    R.I.P. Independent LOCAL radio. The good people of Lincolnshire were probably fortunate they held out as long as they did.

    1. Graham Hall says

      There are community stations in Lincoln doing a very good job.

      1. Mark Budgen says

        Yes if you want to listen to constant Beatles, Phil Collins or Carpenters, or listen to Bill from the Ermine discussing tulips in November.

    2. Mark Budgen says

      Lincs FM has always been an appalling station that was focused on the Grimsby area.

  2. Stephen Hall says

    About time!! They’ve not cared about the stations for years and it shows on air. Let Bauer have a go at running them properly and see the audience grow.

  3. Radio Geordie says

    Given that 6 of those 9 operate in areas where Bauer already operate, Ofcom could well be insisting on selling the following:
    Trax, Rother & Derne which overlap with Hallam
    & Ridings FM which overlaps with Aire.
    Compass FM also overlaps with both Viking & Lincs FM so I’m surprised that it wasn’t included in KCFM sale.
    Even Lincs itself has a large overlap with Viking as well as overlapping with Gem 106.
    If they do have to dispose of most of this group, it begs the question why bother?
    Other than to sell them for a profit.

    1. mb23 says

      You need to look at the size of the advertising market that these stations have, not just the number of stations held in the area. Global were able to buy Juice Brighton even though they already held Heart Sussex.

    2. Ian Shaw says

      I think Bauer would have looked into that before buying the Group. Why would they buy a bunch of stations that they then have to sell?

      1. Mark Budgen says

        Ridings won’t exist past the end of next year.

    3. Mark Budgen says

      Lincs FM has only ever wanted to target Viking. It was a station for the Grimsby area not for the whole of Lincolnshire.

  4. Stephen Bottomley says

    I wonder if they will put Ridings on dab as was taken off a few years ago.

  5. Mike Rose says

    I feel a roll-out of GHR coming on!

  6. Harvey says

    Some how I recon compass will be sold, and possibly lincs to global, tbh I’d liked to see a heart or capital Lincolnshire, or radio X on FM in Lincolnshire haha . It would definitely fit each of there playlists although we already get capital Yorkshire so would probs be heart lincs, has a ring to it

  7. David Colley says

    I await the purchase of Sunshine Radio now in Monmouthshire, (FM & DAB) Herefordshire (FM & DAB), Worcestershire (DAB), Gloucestershire (DAB) and South Shropshire (FM, DAB & AM)

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