Sean Dunderdale exits Lincs FM for Radio Lincolnshire

Lincs FM Director of Broadcasting Sean Dunderdale is leaving the company and joining BBC Radio Lincolnshire to host Breakfast.

Sean, who has been at Lincs FM almost 20 years, will start on Monday 9th March replacing Scott Dalton.

Sean tells RadioToday: “It’s taken me 30 years since I was told to ‘go get some radio experience’ to finally get back here, fulfilling my teenage dream of presenting my own BBC radio show.

“When I first started listening to Radio Humberside, Charlie Partridge was the Breakfast presenter, now the very same man three decades later bought me a coffee and asked me if I’d like to present the breakfast show on Radio Lincolnshire. It took me less than 10 seconds to say yes.

“I’m still pinching myself that I get the chance to follow in the footsteps of Chris Jones, William Wright, Rod Whiting and Scott Dalton. It’s a really exciting time to be joining BBC Radio Lincolnshire as it approaches its 40th Birthday. To be trusted with the breakfast show and broadcast to the audience Scott has built over the years is a real honour.”

Sean also volunteers for the Hospital Broadcasting Association, where he continues to be Press Officer, and hosts the Farming Show on the Lincs group stations.

Charlie Partridge, Managing Editor, BBC Radio Lincolnshire adds: “Sean is a fantastic broadcaster and journalist who is well-loved in the area. He cares passionately about the listeners, the area and best of all, he has a cracking sense of humour. It’s going to be a treat for everyone to start their days with him.”

After seven years presenting the breakfast show, Scott Dalton will be moving into a senior role in the BBC Lincolnshire newsroom, initially, as the station’s political correspondent.

He said “It’s been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to help wake up Lincolnshire each morning for the past seven years. I’ve loved every minute, but I’m looking forward to turning off that 3.30am alarm clock and to some new adventures with BBC Radio Lincolnshire. I can’t thank the amazing listeners and fantastic team I’ve worked with enough for their great support.”

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  1. Mark budgen says

    Radio Lincolnshire don’t serve Grimsby so how will Sean cope?

    1. mb23 says

      Even so it’s surely a better career move than staying at a station that is about to have 20 hours coming from Manchester.

      1. Mark Budgen says

        Maybe it will become the Grimsby Breakfast Show for BBC Radio Lincolnshire?

  2. Daniel says

    How will he cope as he won’t be broadcasting strictly to his home town of Scunthorpe either just like Grimsby as mentioned.
    BBC Lincolnshire is available on DAB across Scunthorpe & Grimsby if FM is patchy.

    1. Mark Budgen says

      Lincs FM, from the Humber to the Fish Docks, is obsessed with Grimsby. How will they cope when it all comes from Manchester?

  3. david worth says

    This is like changing a rolls royce for lada

    1. Mark Budgen says

      Lincs FM is hardly the rolls Royce of radio. It’s more like a Robin Reliant with only one wheel.

  4. Stephen Hall says

    It would be good to get Scott back covering football again, now he’s got a less full-on role at the station.

    1. Mark Budgen says

      With Dalton it was the Boston Breakfast Show, with Dunderdale it will be the Grimsby Breakfast Show. Still nothing for the city of the county.

  5. Radio Producer says

    A bit of a step down from ‘Director of Broadcasting’ to Breakfast Presenter…
    Still…. Looking on the bright side… at least he’ll not be picking the playlist

    1. Mark Budgen says

      I’m sure its stipulated that there will be constant Tina Turner and Phil Collins in the morning. And the programme sponsored by Sid’s Cesspit Services, Grimsby.

  6. Lord Reith says

    Please don’t slag Sean off, He is a nice bloke. I believe he is still involved with “Scunthorpe HR” and is certainly involved with the HBA. How many of you have used HR to get a job in “pro” radio and removed it from your CV or quietly forgotten you ever did it or ignore calls from your former colleagues to attend an event or something.

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