GMG Radio trialling new all-70s station
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GMG Radio trialling new all-70s station can exclusively reveal that GMG Radio will introduce a new national 70s station on Digital One.

The new service, to be called Smooth 70s, will start on December 27th on the channel currently used by Smooth Xmas.

The station will begin life as a non-stop music service without adverts, features or programmes. Just station imaging will identify the station between songs.

The move follows Absolute Radio’s recent launch of Absolute 70s on November 29th, which currently brands itself as “The UK’s Only 70s Radio Station”, although only available on DAB in London.

Smooth 70s first started life in the summer as a steam on, along with Smooth 60s and Smooth Soul.

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  1. Davewiggywiggins3

    This Is Bad With No Live Presenters And No Adverts
    On Smooth Radio 70s  I Do Think Gmg  Radio Group Should ReThink Again Now
    And Do Get Live D.j.s. And Presenters And Adverts On To Smooth Radio 70s When They Start It That Would Be So Much Better Smooth Radio And Gmg

    1. andy

      no adverts? great, im sick of driving in my car one minute hearing a good song then some stupid advert about a sale or car insurance, i wish they all would be like this, thats why i prefer radio 2……NO ADVERTS !!!!!!!  thats why commercial radio will never have the audience of BBC national radio, i think you are in a minority davewiggywiggins3. And i used to be a non commerical broadcaster.

  2. Colin Moore

    Lovely surprise this morning here in Norwich UK, instead of Smooth Xmas, which was SUPER, I found Smooth 70’s on DAB!! BRILLIANT, hasn’t been off yet, singing and rocking all day!! Pass that turkey over!!
    Happy New Year to all concerned with the new station, hope it carries on forever, and a sister station Smooth 60’s will follow.  Good luck, keep it National, all stations in East Anglia are rubbish, so what a breath of fresh air it is to listen to you all day!

    1. andy

      If you think colin that all the stations in East Anglia are rubbish then you`ve never heard of Wyvern FM in Worcestershire.  The ultimate of CRAP local commercial radio.  They play the same top 40 records 3 to 4 times a day and even when they play the 80s or 90s its always the same records.  They`ve been doing this for over 10 years.  And loads of adverts every 10 minutes.  When you are at work all day and thats all they keep putting on it can make you feel physically sick to hear it.  Another one over here is Heart FM, not much difference. But that Smooth 70s just plays back to back tracks with NO adverts……Marvellous…..

    2. AlMorr

      I do agree with you Colin, this station makes having a DAB radio worthwhile, although I wonder how long the present format of Smooth 70’s will last for.

  3. Colin Moore

    Just read comment by Dave, adverts, YES!!  How else will the station pay for us to enjoy. I used to be a pirate D/J in the 60’s! If it wasn’t for the likes of Radio Caroline ect, we would still be listening to Radio Luxemburg on 208mw amid all the atmospherics to listen to pop music!! The Light Programme (now Radio2) was Music While you Work, Housewives Choice ect., only pop was top 20 on a Sunday afternoon!!  All the rest was live recorded stuff NO records!!
    Bring on Smooth 70’s and hopefully Smooth 60’s!!  Keep it swinging guys, awesome station!!

  4. Anonymous

    I Do Think Smooth Radio 70s Would Be So Much Better  With Live D.j.s. And Presenters On It And The News At News Time On It And Adverts As Well

    1. threespires1956

      Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why? so the station just becomes like all the others, talk talk talk, interruptions, you can get the news anytime on other stations. Me thinks you are jesting….

  5. Philip Evans20

    I love this Smooth 70s station, BRILLIANT much much better than real CRAP radio, this is like a breath of fresh air, you are the flag ship, for others to follow.

  6. Margaretbyrne

    yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!  Absolutely brilliant.  As well as advert, news and weather might be good. Some presenters too.  But please, please PLEASE. Not the usal punch and judy show,with TWO manic caffine swamped djs. first thing in the morning as is the norm on many other stations

  7. Peter Mackrodt

    We absolutely love the station. Can’t stop listening to it!! Brings back such great memories. thank you so much.
    suggestion: Would it be possible to include the actual year after each track on the DAB rolling text?
    We love it, we love it we love it…..Keep it coming
    Sue and Pete ….Essex

  8. Cjfussell

    the musics great ,i love the 70s fantastic decade, i know the evil of advertising and the endless yap yap of djs will spoil it,, add to that, the news and weather and we will be lucky if we have 8 tracks an hour, if people want talk radio go to bbc 4 or one of the other yap yap stations, i am forever changing stations in the car when adverts come on, if i here that one with the brummie gavin and his chip on a windscreen once more, i will look for him, i will find him, and i will kill him, lol (just joking) but it dose your head in after a while

  9. Cjfussell

    i think the comments asking for ,news talking djs ,and adverts have been put on by the smooth people themselves, so they can say it is one of the demands from our listeners when they spoil the station and fill it with gavin the brummy and his cracked windscreen, and smart arse djs bigging themselves up

  10. john

    great radio station but would be nice to hear some bowie ,slade ,quo, jam ,queen. would also be nice not  to hear the same songs every day so much out there to hear

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