Zoe Ball’s Radio 2 Breakfast Show team revealed

More details are emerging of the new Zoe Ball Breakfast Show starting on BBC Radio 2 in January 2019.

The last Chris Evans Breakfast Show will take place on Christmas Eve, with Zoe Ball taking over on Monday 14th January at 6.30am till 9.30am.

In addition to the start date, which is one week earlier than Chris Evans’ start date on Virgin Radio, we now know who the travel, weather and sport presenters will be.

Richie Anderson, who will be on travel news duty, has tweeted “So excited to say that in 2019 I’ll have a new home.. You’ll be able to hear me every morning on the brand new Zoe Ball⁩ Breakfast Show. It’s my dream job and it still hasn’t really sunk in yet!”

Richie joins the Breakfast Show from BBC WM, and he’s also been a reporter for The One Show and on the red carpet at various events such as the BBC Music Awards and Sports Personality Of The Year.

Sport will be read by Mike Williams. He joined BBC Sport in 2011 and has since worked as a sports reader at 5 Live, World Service, Asian Network, Newsbeat and has previously covered duties on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

Weather will be presented by Carol Kirkwood, the main weather presenter for BBC Breakfast, who is currently part of the Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

The new show will be produced by Graham Albans, who also works on the current show.

Zoe says: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be following in the giant footsteps of Chris Evans as the host of the Radio 2 Breakfast Show. To be the first woman to present this very special show is both an honour and privilege. Believe me, I’m not underestimating the enormity of the task ahead, to follow not one but two of my broadcasting idols, into such a well-loved show is somewhat daunting but I hope, in the same way that Chris made this show his own after taking over from the wonderful Sir Terry Wogan, that with a top team alongside me, I can bring the fabulous Radio 2 audience a show they want to wake up to.”

Chris Evans is taking most of his current team with him to his new show on Virgin Radio, including Vassos Alexander, John Dutton, Rachel Horne and Ellie Davis.

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  1. Sarah Clifford says

    Hi I still think that Zoe ball on the radio 2 breakfast show is wrong I think gary Davies should done it as well as continue his 80s show and I think tony Blackburn should have his own disco Saturdays 8 till 10 followed by Greg Edwards 10 till 1 followed by a 2 hour classic country show

    1. Michael Souris says

      Nobody cares.

    2. Adrian says

      By all means have a classic country show but not at 1 in the morning!.

    3. Stuart says

      Breakfast needs an experienced, established presenter… Gary’s only been there a few months after a 20 year break.

      Besides he has a proper day job

  2. Lucy stevens says

    Just be thinking over the last 2 weeks about the radio 2 breakfast show and think that Simon mayo should of done it with Steve Wright should continuing for a extra hours with a specialist show 6 till 7 Monday African music Tuesday reggae music Wed love songs Thursday big bands

    1. Ilam says

      Agree Simon Mayo would have been the right type person for this time of the day with his soft voice and at same time a sharp with. Miss his drive time show.

    2. Stuart says

      He did say many times that he didn’t want to do breakfast again

  3. Jaz says

    Totally disagree with you there. I love Zoe Ball think she’s great, best person in my eyes. Was so chuffed she got it. She’s so normal and down to earth,go Zoe

    1. Nat says

      Good luck Zoe you’ll be fab

  4. Jon butterfield says

    Great news she is ace great looking funny need i go on good luck

  5. Andree says

    I still think Sara Cox should be the breakfast presenter and Zoe Ball drive time. Radio 1 made this error and look what’s happened there? Drive time and breakfast presenters swapped shows. Sara Cox has always done a fantastic job when standing in for Chris Evans.

    1. Jim says

      She too radio one talking over records

      1. Adrian says

        You’ll find a good deal of that already on Radio 2 from other presenters including a certain big name in the afternoon.

  6. Ian says

    I won’t be tuning in, I would of preferred Sarah Cox first thing in the morning and I find Richie is too over the top which makes me cringe. This position was also very predictable and yes very politically correct. Well done BEEB… NOT

  7. Keith Thompson says

    Simon Mayo (on his own) should have been the national choice. He took over the drivetime slot very well! . I’ll just be happy to get back to putting the radio on in a morning.

    1. Pam celli says

      Agree. I don’t put it on till 930. I cant listen to the forced manic nonsense before that.

  8. Paulette Spreadbury says

    Lovely Zoe every morning, fantastic.

  9. Brenda Cogswell says

    Just wanted Sara Cox to be presenter 🙂 ..not sure I’ll come back to Radio 2.. Glad the overpaid C.E has gone…BBC out of touch…Oh well plenty more radio stations out there

  10. JUNE PURNELL says

    I want more women on Radio. Both Sarah and Zoe are BRILLIANT. Love Chris Evans Radio genius. Sad to lose Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo, they were radio gold.

  11. JUNE PURNELL says

    Want to see more women as key presenters. Both Zoe and Sarah are BRILLIANT. Love Chris Evans. Sad to lose Jo and Simon both are radio gold

  12. Georgina Edwards says

    I think Zoe Ball is lovely; down to earth and natural but…sadly when she has covered for Chris in the past, I never quite realised until my husband spotted, I turn over the station. She just doesn’t hold my attention for long enough. She’s clearly such a lovely woman but is not quite as witty or quick with her humour and come backs or have that nak to be funny or entertaining on the spot say like Sarah Cox – Zoe seems to rely to much on a script and she seems to need to work on keeping her voice louder and upbeat. I do hope the BBC did genuinely think her the best person for the job and not a woman (‘tick’) with a younger more relatable and current crew with her. Richie also seems a lovely genuine guy on the telly and may keeps things energised and upbeat as long as his excitement doesn’t go into over drive. He has more energy than my two young boys combined at times and can then speak a little fast and be a little too hyper. I wish these guys all the best. A big daunting new job and some. I will tune in with a positive vibe and see. I just hope this isn’t Simon and lovely Jo Whiley all over again though. The BBC think they are being all modern and current. We could all see it was forced and contrived and not going to work the moment those two fab djs were put together and yet Radio 2 management thought they knew best. Let’s hope this is genuinely the right decision for breakfast and decided upon for all the right reasons….

  13. Former patriot says

    I won’t be listening to Radio2 anymore at all. I can’t stand Zoe ball at the best of times and her appointment is all about political correctness. I know the answer to broken Britain is not putting women & ethnic minority’s in all the top jobs.(Sadiq Khan, London knife crime & good old Teressa may-need I say anymore?) That other bloody tramp you’ve bought in for drive time is also a nasty little surprise. This is a radio station for the people and they should have some say. Appointments of this nature should be put to national pole and should not be left to the political correctness police/liberal mafia that seem to have a destructive strangle hold on this once great country.She was an absolute sleaze bag on radio1, a disgrace! And now she’s in the hot seat of one of the prime time radio slots??? I don’t know who’s running the BBC at the moment, maybe Jonny rotten or some other 1/4 Witt but your ratings are going to hit the deck!
    Lastly Chris Evans was a vital injection of moral for this country, his energy, decency and love for his people never missed a show. His charity commitment and his compassion often moved me to tears. Joy and sadness. Who let him go?????

    1. Stuart says

      Think you need Gammon FM

  14. Davy Young says

    Good luck Zoe totally rooting for you. TG the ginger whiner is leaving I can listen to Radio 2 again in the morning. Richi not the best choice, fine if you can keep him controlled but way too over the top if you don’t. Not what you need in the morning. All the best to you. DY

  15. Mike says

    Whenever I’ve heard her, Zoe is very one dimensional with heavy reliance on reading out tweets – suggesting her conversational skills and life experiences will soon run out.

    It will be a challenge for her, have no doubt.

  16. Neil Thomas says

    I think Sara Cox should of taken over from Chris,she’s so bouncy in the morning,always listen to her when she’s on. What are the management doing to BBC Radio?

  17. Mary Powell says

    Give the woman a chance! I would have preferred Sara Cox but I’m sure the show will be fine.

    Just hope Zoe doesn’t talk over the sports pages….. That was so frustrating, grrrr.

  18. Adrian Wort says

    BBC seems to be overcompensating for their past reliance on male presenters. Also Radio 2 seems to be heading in the general direction of Radio 1.
    Think I’ll follow Chris Evans to Virgin.

  19. M Howard says

    I think they should have put things back to how it used to be
    Simon Mayo on drive time on his own with all the people who used to be with him
    Bring Liza tarbuck into a daily show she is funny and brilliant presenter
    Get rid of Ryan Clarke who is due to take over Saturday afternoon worst choice radio 2 made
    If Steve Wright goes radio 2 is finished
    Sack the idiots who changed things on drive time and put jo Wiley back on her usual spot in week after 8pm

  20. Lorraine says

    Simon doesn’t want to continue with doing radio that’s why he’s leaving the show and he’s going to Australia to do filming and he wants to concentrate on Bea auther

    1. Adrian says

      Apparently not the case-he is announcing a new show in January.

    2. Gareth says

      Bea Auther? Wasn’t she Dorothy in The Golden Girls?

  21. Dan Dean says

    Zoe Ball at Breakfast and Sara Cox at Drive are both female and were chosen because the BBC are under pressure get the quota correct as they are top heavy in terms of male / female presenters. Saying that I am not being derogatory of their talent, it is simply a fact.
    It is why Strictly is presented by a female as will Question Time….they only auditioned females for the QT chair!!!!

    The BBC works in a completely different way to the Commercial networks and so it makes decisions that have no relevance to the audience or their likes and needs. They are answerable to ” they who must be obeyed ” in the corridors of power and therefore have to be seen to “do what is necessary”.
    Programme changes take months before they are implemented due to the number of meetings / people etc, who are “in on the discussions”!!!….and are often done to satisfy the remit rather than the audience !!!!!….listeners are simply a necessary evil and it would be so much easier if they did not exist so that they could simply run the BBC as they see fit!!!!….

    1. Len Groat says

      That is a VERY focused summary of the reality Dan !

    2. Mike says

      I suppose a good proportion of them are rubbish doesn’t come into the equation?

  22. Paul says

    Let hope the show doesn’t become a chat show . Let’s hope the Music comes first

    1. Adrian says

      Depends what music it is!

    2. Stuart says

      Yeah because it’s been very music centric under Evans!

  23. Mrs Lorraine S Kirkman says

    What a cock up how can the BBC carry on. The face of BBC radio 2 has been totally destroyed. I used to start my day at 7.30 with BBC radio 2and it would end when Simon Finnishs. But for what ever reason they wanted to mutilate Simons show it’s just not worked and it’s had a knock on effect with me. The radio is lucky if it stays on till mr vine, Most days. Hoping it’s going to be OK in the new year.

  24. Len Groat says

    Surely, apart from the gender-balance BBC political correctness the saddest thing is that they need other people to read weather, sport and travel ?!**

    What was wrong with radio where a DJ read these, and related to THE listener one-to-one …. the BBC fashion for ‘presenters’ (and new/obscure music even on Radio 2) is symptomatic of why radio in the UK will DIE in the next 10 years, particularly in the under 35s

    ** WHY. BBC Radio 2, does there have to be 2 minutes of personal YAP between the ‘presenter’ and travel person so often??!!

    1. Allan Wallace says

      Many of the current presenters are not really disc jockeys at all and are, therefore, unable to carry a programme single-handedly and depend on travel presenters etc. to add some type of zoo format “entertainment”. Radio 2 has a muddled music policy, mediocre non-disc jockey presenters, indulges in bizarre scheduling decisions and, yes, has awful jingles. The BBC’s response is usually to tell the licence payers to never mind the quality, just look at those listening figures!

  25. Michael says

    Good Luck to Zoe .I did think Sara would have been the natural choice as she did a brilliant job when she stood in for Chris .

  26. Porkyman says

    After reading your comments I think one name has been left off the list and that is Alex Lester. I think that with his wicked witch and sharp mind he would be ideal for this time of day.

    1. Stuart says

      Alex Lester currently does a breakfast show in Birmingham

  27. Karl says

    What a mess. Hope all goes well for all concerned but could you imagine this happening in the real world without anyone being accountable. This last nationalised industry has to go

  28. Joe Smith says

    Zoe Ball wouldn’t be my choice but on he basis that absolutely anyone is better than Ego Evans it has to be a good move.

    As for her “team” why do so many Radio 2 presenters need a team of sycophants in order to broadcast?

  29. Sarah says

    What’s happening to Vassos if he’s not doing the sport.. He’s brilliant and the main reason I listen to the show in the morning??!!
    I like Zoe and wish her luck.

  30. Carole Harper says

    Do give Zoe a chance, she is a pro….but please Zoe, be a little more gentle on our ears; first thing in the morning….ease us into the day, charm our senses and I am sure all will be well.

  31. Chris Moore says

    I have said on here before that Zoe Ball wouldn’t have been my choice for breakfast so I probably won’t listen very much. I like Sara Cox very much, she has become a terrific broadcaster and is a world away from her Radio 1 persona which you would expect as two decades make a difference to everyone. Ever since the announcements were made there have been many ridiculous comments on here based on the rationale that the only justification for selecting two female presenters for primetime shows must be a political one. We all have different likes and dislikes and always will but to hold such out-dated, sexist views says more about the person than the decisions themselves.

    1. Pat says

      I’m sure i’ve read that the. BBC have a stated policy of employing an equal proportion of men and women on their stations so whatever your views on these two ladies (and I can’t really comment as I’m not up on them myself) I would say that if they were to balance the schedule they had to be ahead of the race and I don’t think it is at all ridiculous as you say to say it wan’t political-I’m female by the way.It’s not just on Radio 2 either-I believe it’s the case over the whole BBC-they are aiming to have equal numbers whether it’s newsreaders,DJ’s or whatever.

    2. Adrian says

      It’s not that women HAD to be on prime-time shows but under the current BBC policy they would otherwise have had to move other people like Bruce,Vine and Wright around to different slots.As to sexist all I want is for people to be employed on talent alone,not because they tick a box.I would be delighted if they replaced Vine and Wright with female presenters as I can’t stand them.

    3. Joe Smith says

      “Ever since the announcements were made there have been many ridiculous comments on here”

      Congratulations on being both ridiculous and pompous!

    4. Allan Wallace says

      Your decision to give up posting condescending comments appears to have been short-lived.

  32. Jan Nicholls says

    I agree that Sara Cox would have been a better choice to take over from Chris Evans. She’s calm and understandable. C E has done a good job for his ego trip over the last few years. It’s the fantastic me show, talking through the “papers” with loud music and never having the news on time. Noah should have been strangled at birth or taught to read better before asking questions. Not amusing at all. I hope Zoe curtails her penchant for babbling. She, or whoever, should certainly have the same salary as Evans. That’s discrimination ! I feel radio 4 coming on, or maybe classic FM !!

    1. Jeff says

      Jeez man! What a horrid thing to say about a child!!!!!! Regardless of why you think that Noah shouldn’t have been reading out questions, to say such a thing about a child is bloody evil. He’s 9 years old for crying out loud, fair play to the lad for stepping up to the plate. I know a local radio presenter and he’s told me that it’s a pretty nerve racking thing when you first get into it, and that’s from a grown man.

    2. Ann says

      Go and have a word with yourself. That’s not a good thing to say about a child

  33. Radio 2 listener says

    Not sure how the decisions are made at the BBC on how the “slots” are chosen?
    Surely including the general public in some way would have given them an idea who the most popular people would be, after all they are the listeners!!
    Obviously it’s not that simple and there are many things to consider, gender or salary etc etc.
    While I have no dislike for Zoe Ball I would struggle to listen to the morning show for its entirety. My personal choice would have been Sarah Cox in the morning as she has a great wit without seeming she is trying too hard.
    I really enjoyed Simon Mayo at drive-time but unfortunately the addition of Jo Whiley was a bad move and hasn’t added any new dimensions to the show. Again I also have no aversion to her and I’m sure on her own show would be fine. When listening I almost feel the tension in their presenting. Only time will tell how things work out??

  34. Jodie appleton says

    I still thinking about the new breakfast show and think gary Davies should on breakfast and Steve Wright do a extra hour then a 2 hours of country on a Monday world music on a Tuesday. Reggae on a Wed. Jazz on a Thurs 6 till 8 and Fri 6 till 7 big band

  35. Jodie appleton says

    I think gary Davies on breakfast and he should continue doing the 80s and sunday 7pmtill 8pm a hour of sounds of the 50s

  36. Barbara says

    Sarah Cox stood in for Chris Evans and did a brilliant job. She should have been his natural replacement as she is bubbly and witty. Zoe Ball is lovely but has far too many “er” moments. Radio 2 is not the station it used to be where you could listen to classic hits all the time. Now it’s and oldie followed by a newie. I’m afraid I will be sticking to the older music stations like Gold as I’d rather put up with the adverts than listen to music I don’t know or like.





    1. Joe Smith says

      In English?

  39. Pauline Kelly says

    Zoe Ball is definitely the right choice for the breakfast show. Apart from Chris she is the only other person who has the bright vibrant intonation which I guess radio 2 wants. It keeps people perked up. Sarah is lovely and her show is good but not for the breakfast show. Gary Davies is lovely but not on breakfast. I agree Tony Blackburn should be given different times for his show but for me it works well as I play again whilst dreary Dermot O’Leary is banging on from 8am. So I say a great big good luck to zoe Ball and I do hope she draws in the numbers.

  40. Scmikes says

    I love Zoe and would give the show a go but unfortunately I really can not take to Ritchie presenting traffic…have tried when he’s covered before but really not feeling it….nor him and Ken trying to banter either…just doesn’t work……so will follow Chris and the crew over to Virgin. Lou Pepper would have been great for the traffic…but I’m sure Zoe will be great driving the show.

  41. ciaran flavin says

    Astonished that the newspapers keep on about radios 1and2.
    Let the newspapers please give more publicity to non BBC national stations on analogue radio such as Smooth, Heart, Classic Fm, Absolute Radio and Talksport.

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