RAJAR Q2 2019: The quarterly radio Infographic is here

The quarterly RAJAR Infographic is here with all the data you need for Q2, 2019, including All Radio Listening, Average Hours Per Listener and Digital Platforms.

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  1. Helen Phillips says

    What are the
    Listening figures for Sara Cox. Her afternoon show is abysmal a real turn off.

    1. Jack says

      I agree. As soon as she comes on the radio we change channel. Please can we have someone who doesn’t talk like a teenager. Simon back please!

  2. Mr Boltar says

    56% digital – cue clueless politicians calling for FM to be switched off As Soon As Possible (so they can sell the off the band which at 20Mhz wide is next to useless for any modern digital comms system but I doubt they’d even understand the concept of bandwdith). Oddly in the 50 or so years FM stations have been on air no one closed down MW and LW. I guess even the clowns in westminster realised they’d be lucky to get a 2nd hand skateboard on Swap Shop in exchange for them.

  3. Stephen Tearle says

    What are Sara Cox listening figures?

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