UKRD group sales role for Pam Lawton

KLFM Managing Director Pam Lawton is to take on a new role as group Head of Sales Development and Training at UKRD.

The group say she’ll focus on the training and development of those in the sales operation, as well as work with Sales Heads on strategic objectives and operational focus within individual stations when she starts in October.

Pam started with UKRD as a sales executive six years ago before being promoted to Sales Manager than then MD. She said: “I’m a sales girl to my roots and I am so looking forward to working with the teams to help them develop and to really drive additional revenues and more success for UKRD.”

UKRD Chief Executive William Rogers added: “With local sales representing the substantial part of our revenue stream, it is important that we have additional help and assistance available to our Sales Managers and teams on the ground so that we can continue to grow not only their skill set but also the levels of revenue they write. Pam is great at working with and supporting people and will do that really well. She started as a sales executive and has risen through the ranks through hard work and commitment and this is a great example of our organisation recognising that effort and promoting someone as a result.”

Posted on Thursday, July 28th, 2011 at 2:57 pm by RadioToday UK

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