Encore Radio to be removed from DAB multiplexes


Encore Radio is coming off DAB Digital Radio in Herts, Beds & Bucks, Essex and Kent after two years of broadcasting.

The service, owned by UKRD, will continue but focus on the online stream with the aim of “super-serving its community of musical theatre fans”. Messages are currently being broadcast to inform listeners about the changes in transmission, pointing listeners to the apps for phones and tablets.

Encore Radio launched in October 2016 and plays music from theatre and film musicals, with speech of relevance for the target audience.

On removing the station from DAB, William Rogers, CEO of UKRD told RadioToday: “We are completely re-vamping the business and focussing it upon its core, and now very well established areas of growth and strength. The online presence of the business has been growing strongly and has built a very solid community of interest.

“The sound, or, radio element of the product, is a valuable part of the proposition and will continue online but DAB component required a good look and that resulted in the decision made. We are really excited about what the new proposition will become and are focussed on delivering the new look Encore over the next month or so. It’ll become a real community of interest, super-serving lovers of musical theatre.”

Carriage on DAB in Surrey will continue for the time being.

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Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 11:11 am by Roy Martin

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  1. Lee says

    I think UKRD are in a spot of bother as they have been off loading radio stations over the last year.

  2. Adrian says

    Presumably the number of listeners and advertisers doesn’t pay for the DAB carriage,surprised they are continuing with it as It may have a few listeners on the internet but is unlikely to make money for UKRD one would think.

  3. Pete n says

    It would be nice to see the demise of DAB in total waste of airwaves let’s have proper analogue FM back

  4. Radio Geordie says

    There are 2 reasons as to why its staying on the Surrey platform:
    1: It partially covers London
    2: UKRD are part-owners in the Surrey platform.

  5. Martyn says

    Crazy decision! Love Encore Radio! Will no longer be able to listen in the car .
    Please keep the Essex transmitter going

  6. Louise Griffiths says

    Gutted it will not continue in Essex. Now won’t ever listen to it as always had it on in my car.
    Very sad

  7. Pippa P says

    Well sadly they will lose this listener who listens in the car

  8. Simon says

    This is such a shame. We wake up to encore on our dab radio alarm clock and also listen to it in the car. I never use the internet to listen to it as it’s a right pain to use.

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