UKRD to launch 10 pop-up digital radio stations

Ten new radio stations will be operated by UKRD this Christmas as the group launches festive local stations.

The in-App, Online and Smart Speaker enabled services will launch in November and broadcast until the 31 st December. Playing nothing but Christmas songs, each radio station, though centrally delivered, will be locally branded for each of the ten markets in which the group owns and operates a local radio station.

Peter Gordon, the group’s Senior Deputy Group Content Director for Digital Broadcast Services said: “Following the success of a similar initiative at Minster FM Last Christmas, I’m delighted to be working with the radio stations Content Director, David Green, to launch a digital pop-up Christmas radio station in each of the group’s local markets this year.”

The stations will be called Eagle Christmas, KL.FM Christmas, Pirate FM Christmas, Mix Christmas, Spire FM Christmas, Stray FM Christmas, Wessex FM Christmas, Yorkshire Coast Radio Christmas, plus Mince Pie FM in York and Christmas Spirit in West Sussex.

Dave Coull, Group Content Director, added: “The launch of these digital pop-up Christmas radio stations perfectly aligns with company’s strategy to broaden the choice of UKRD owned and operated radio stations available to existing and new listeners in each of the markets in which UKRD operates.”

UKRD recently sold Sun FM in Sunderland to Nation Radio and 2BR in Lancashire to Global.

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  1. Adrian says

    Oh no,haven’t we got enough Christmas stations without yet more.Personally wish they’d spend more money on programming on their main stations so for example a reduction in presenterless music shows for hours would be possible.

    1. AlMorr says

      OMG talking about Xmas stations already, not even the end of August BUT of course we must plan ahead for that time of year. I wonder if this year there will be a Smooth Christmas, Magic Christmas, Heart Christmas and where I live in Central Scotland a Scottish Sun Christmas station.

  2. noel says

    Something so big should really be a joint birthday and Christmas present

  3. Ray Woodward says

    How original (NOT!).

    1. Billy Bloodylate says

      I’ve attached these great things to my car. They are called wheels!!! They are amazing!

  4. Stephen says

    Why are they being awarded 10 digital stations when UKRD actively denounce DAB despite the rise in it’s popularity? More importantly, why 10 christmas stations? They should just shut FM off if they are so desperate to go on DAB.

  5. Noel says

    No one mentioned DAB for this

    1. Stephen says

      Digital stations are DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) same as Mince Pie which is a digital station, same as last year

  6. Noel says

    ‘In app, online and smart speaker ‘ logo from last year

    1. Stephen says

      I refer to the Minster FM website which expressly denotes Mince Pie as a DAB station in the press release:

  7. Noel says

    Yes from last year ‘We’re on DAB Digital Radio across North Yorkshire from 1st to 26th December 2017.’

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