Spire FM brings in over £11k for charity

Local station Spire FM has raised over £11,000 during a recent Bring a Pound to Work Day, to go towards a new CT Scanner for a local hospital.

The station got hundreds of local workplaces and thousands of local people involved, to help the Salisbury District Hospital’s charity, the Stars Appeal.

Ceri Hurford-Jones, Managing Director at Spire FM told RadioToday, “We’ve seen other stations run similar fund-raising drives and thought this would be a great one for our listeners. One pound is not even the price of a coffee or a bus fare so nearly everyone can find it to spare. And that’s important because almost everyone knows someone who will benefit from the second scanner.

“The response has amazed everyone – we hoped for forty or fifty businesses but over 200 local organisations have got involved – we’re delighted.”

Martin Starke and Faye Marsh, Spire FM’s breakfast presenters, broadcast the show from the hospitals’ main entrance on the morning, attracting donations from passing staff, patients and visitors, and giving listeners a chance to hear more about how a second CT scanner will help local people.

Posted on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 at 8:58 pm by RadioToday UK

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