KLFM puts advertising package on eBay

Kings Lynn-based KLFM is selling an 8-week airtime package through eBay.

The UKRD station says it’s ‘an exciting new way to encourage more businesses to realise the power of local advertising’.

The deal includes writing and production of a commercial and a total of 160 spots (20 per week for 8 weeks).

Managing Director Darren Taylor told RadioToday.co.uk: “As far as we know no-one else has tried to sell radio advertising like this before, it is a genuine deal and we are really keen to see what kind of response we get. This doesn’t mean the end of radio advertising sales teams as we know and love them! But we are always keen to spread the word about KLFM and with millions of users – eBay seemed an obvious choice. As a team we are always thinking of new ways to market ourselves and trust me, we are full of ideas, so watch this space.”

Last year, community broadcaster Chorley FM offered a deal to become the station’s overall sponsor with a buy-it-now option via eBay. In 2009, a Leeds firm snapped up £12,000 worth of promotion sponsorship on the city’s Radio Aire for just £2550 via the auction site. And in 2007 Scottish station Two Lochs Radio put low-cost advertising options on eBay, mirroring a growing trend at the time in America.

Posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at 8:26 am by RadioToday UK

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